FIGURON is an Art & Furniture Brand

established by designer Alexander Zhukovsky

We are united by the philosophy that we call 'Figuronomics'. It's our comprehensive design concept and our answer to "what is good design". It's our statement of art, our distinguishing feature and our guide in the world of design.

We believe that good design does not end with the designer.  A masterpiece continues to evolve after the last brushstroke. Similarly, our design process continues even after the customer buys our products.


Exclusive & Mass...


Figuron is a compromise between craftsmanship and serial manufacturing. We create original serial manufactured furniture on par with exclusive limited collections and art objects. We create both home furnishing items and furniture for hotel interiors, restaurants, bars and cafes which we called 'FIGURES'. 


Customizing Design...


Our products are fit for both home and contract use in hotel, cafe, restaurant and bar spaces. Our furniture has it's own strong recognizable design core, but also a flexible and adaptable structure which allows us to customize products depending on customer needs. Manufacturing technology allows us to place a brand logo of your cafe, restaurant or hotel on our furniture.


Design is its absence…


Dieter Rams said, “Good design is as little design as possible”. We really like this phrase. Good design is a logical design. It should be intuitively understandable.


When a person doesn't need to think because of logical design, then the person perceives the item emotionally or sensually.  An emotional experience or sensual perception is stronger and more stable than the rational. Perhaps that is why the most expensive and iconic items, furniture and clothes look very simple and even ascetic.



The design process is a design object...



We believe that the process of creating something beautiful and useful is also an object of design.


A real physical product, a finished thing or an art object is just the top of the huge pyramid of creation. We believe that the birth of an idea and the invention of something new is no less interesting to the viewer than the result of this invention. The design process is a design object as well. We can't just throw away the rest of this pyramid. In our works, we want to bring the design closer to art.


This is why we often reflect the Figuron products in paintings, prints, and art media.


Global design ideas & local handicraft...



We understand that globalization is inevitable. We work for customers from all over the world. Figuron design is global. However, we love and appreciate every single culture. We realize the value of handicraft and we appreciate the warmth and passion that's invested by the craftsman in every product created by his own hands. Therefore, we developed a design concept that combines global design and local craftsmanship. All the metal parts of Figuron items are mass manufactured and standardized. All wooden parts are created by partnering woodworking workshops in different countries. Every wooden Figuron item has its own soul and story. 


Modular Design...


Some Figuron items are designed as a basic system and can be upgraded or customized during use. This approach allows our customers to participate in the design process and to change the final design and proportions of the products within the boundaries of modular design structure. 



Flat packing products...



We think about all who interact with our products. All participating in the process of creation, delivery, and use of Figuron furniture are important to us and influence the final design. All Figuron items are built in sections and delivered in compact packages, which reduces the cost of transportation and storage.


The beauty of function…


Beauty should not be associated only with appearance. Almost everything has a unique function, even aesthetic pleasure. We believe that each function has its own aesthetics. The task of the designer is to identify and demonstrate this aesthetic and to make this function beautiful. Design is good if the form and function have a logical connection, when form and function correspond to each other and when the form emphasizes the function. The function must have a shape and this shape must be beautiful.


The creative process is communication...


Art may be shaped and complete, but it is always open to infinite interpretation. The artist involves the viewer in the process of creativity. Such communication between artist and viewer sometimes continues for decades, centuries and even millennia. Thus, the art does not end with the last artist's brushstroke. It's only the beginning. 


A typical design is utilitarian. Almost everything that a designer creates has a delineated function that is difficult to interpret otherwise. This is due to specific design limitations.


Despite this, when designing our furniture, we try to leave a little bit of space for the creativity of the consumer. Each person is a creator in his own way and we want to involve them in the creation process.



The most important condition of creating any successful design is the understanding of the context of the future product. We mean the cultural, mental, environmental, geographical, marketing, stylistic, and functional context. Such contexts are infinite because nothing exists in isolation. Designers should understand the conditions in which the future products will live. This understanding helps answer questions posed during the design process and to achieve the most important goal of the designer –  a positive and exciting user experience.