According to the artistic conception of Wassily Kandinsky – "Geometric line is an invisible object". But I decided to make these lines visible, tangible and functional.

The LINE collection of shelving works as a system. As several elements and connections were developed during its creation, using which countless variations of design can be created. And Figure'5001 is just the initial key to this concept.


One of the advantages of this shelving system is that it's easily assembled and disassembled. No fasteners, no bolts or screws are used to fix the parts.


Rigidity, durability, and stability of the LINE shelving are provided solely by its architecture, which is based on the intersection of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, as well as the physical properties of the material which it's made from.


The LINE shelving system is a perfect solution for interior zoning. It has no front and back sides. All of the sides are facades and look beautiful. That is why it can be used as a multifunctional space divider. Additionally, the shelving system can be used as a bookcase: the solidity of the construction allows it to withstand a considerable amount of weight. 


Materials and finishing: Plywood, walnut veneer, matt water-based polyurethane coating.

Year of design: 2018

Awards: A'Design Award 2019, European Product Design Award 2019

Customization: Custom dimension available upon special order. For more information, please, contact us.

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Designed by / Year of design: Alexander Zhukovsky / 2018

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