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Figure'1001 is the first shelving system in the SUPREMATICA Collection. It is an excellent solution for those who feel passionate about changing their interior from time to time. Figure'1001 SUPREMATICA is a modular shelving system which allows you to become a co-author of Figuron. You can change the design of the shelves according to your needs at a particular time. The SUPREMATICA system allows you to change the configuration and colors of the shelves, as well as the length of the rack by using additional sections. In addition, Figure'1001 looks the same from all sides, similarly to other designs of the SUPREMATICA Collection. Thus, you can use the rack to zone your interior.


You can buy a rack of standard size and configuration, or independently choose the shelving modules you need using our online store.


Thanks to its design, the Figure'1001 SUPREMATICA shelving system is easily assembled using a minimum number of fasteners. This approach to the shelving design allows you to customize the system without using additional tools or time. 



Materials and finishing:




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Steel frame powder coated, wooden racks

In case of order less than 10 items available black and white colours. In case of order 10 items and more available any colours.

For this collection available custom options:


  • Custom dimensions available for contract customers in case of order 50 items and more.

  • Custom colors available for contract customers in case of order 10 items and more.

  • If you are a private customer you can purchase any elements of this shelving system extra. In this case, you can change the whole length of the system and colors of each shelf.

For partnership inquiries,  please contact us. We are happy to discuss any questions.

Alexander Zhukovsky / 2017

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