Figuronomics is a conceptual dissemination of the values and lifestyle of indigenous Siberian nomads through furniture design. Every 'figure' within Figuronomics is designed as a functional sculpture based on the ornamental system and engineering principles of Khanty & Mansi.

The 'Figuronomics' concept originally arose from my study of indigenous Siberian nomads and their way of life. This research resulted in the theory of "urban nomadism" which declares an alternative model of modern city life based on principles such as mobility, minimalism, meaningfulness, sustainability, and ecocentrism.

When designing this object, I was inspired by the engineering principles and ornamental system of Siberian nomads.


The 'Figuronomics' project started as a two modular folding shelving system that is assembled without fasteners. One of the features of these designs is that when the shelving unit is disassembled, the flat elements compose a large rectangular plane which can be used as a canvas for painting or another graphic expression. In effect, one object combining art and utility provides a dual function. The final design depends on the customer's needs.