The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON
The LINE shelving system by FIGURON



Shelving System

Wassily Kandinsky, the world-renowned painter, and art theorist, once said: "A geometric line is a trace of a moving point, that is, its product. It arose from the movement - namely, through the destruction of the higher, self-contained point at rest."


The LINE collection of shelving is a concept in which the movement of a point creates the geometric beauty of a line, and then the line creates the functionality of space. That is the case when the functional design is a result of solely the creative process of playing with lines and searching for an interesting composition without reference to the material, technology, shape or color. Just graphics, just drawing. Therefore, the result of this creativity – the LINE shelving system – is a kind of art object.


"When I drew sketches of LINEs, I did not think that in the end, we would build a shelving system. I did not think of either the title or the subject of this design. I studied the art of Mondrian, Kandinsky, BAUHAUS, etc. and just experimented with lines, dots, and simplest geometric figures. Actually, to be honest, I was working on creating interior prints. And only then I got the idea to turn the lines into the physical entity" – said Alexander Zhukovsky.


According to the art conception of Wassily Kandinsky – "Geometric line is an invisible object". But we decided to make this lines visible, tangible and functional.


The movement of the point turns into a line, the line turns into a plane, the plane turns into a volume that has a function and a utilitarian purpose. This object began in the virtual field of art and continued in the purely applied field of functional furniture design.


The LINE collection of shelving works as a system. As several elements and connections were developed during its creation, using which countless variations of design can be created. And Figure'5001 is just the initial key to this concept.


One of the advantages of this shelving system is that it's easily assembled and disassembled. No fasteners, no bolts or screws are used to fix the parts.


Rigidity, durability, and stability of the LINE shelving are provided solely by its architecture, which is based on the intersection of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, as well as the physical properties of the material which it's made from.


The LINE shelving system is a perfect solution for interior zoning. It has no front and back sides. All of the sides are facades and look beautiful. That is why it can be used as a multifunctional space divider. Additionally, the shelving system can be used as a bookcase: the solidity of the construction allows it to withstand a considerable amount of weight. 


This particular model Figure'5001 from the LINE Collection is finished with a walnut veneer and matt water-based polyurethane coating.


The architectural style of the LINE shelving system in combination with such materials as plywood and walnut veneer makes its design universal. The LINE shelving can become a harmonious component of almost any interior, both strict minimalistic interior, and interior in loft style.




It is possible that, through horizontal and vertical lines constructed with awareness, but not with calculation, led by high intuition, and brought to harmony and rhythm, these basic forms of beauty, supplemented if necessary by other direct lines or curves, can become a work of art, as strong as it is true.

(Piet Mondrian)



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Plywood, walnut veneer, matt water-based polyurethane coating.

Walnut texture.

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Alexander Zhukovsky / 2018





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